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The · soap · opera · of · my · life

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Do you ever have one of those days where you just look back and think did that really happen??!!

Despite praying for the phone call, we went off to DS's football match in torrential rain and wind. When we arrived, we discovered that the match after ours was cancelled as we (I say we, I mean the boys) would churn up the pitch making it unplayable afterwards. Spent 45 mins standing under a tin roof with no sides in my very attractive waterproof trousers before dashing off to March to take DD to her second birthday party of the weekend. Children cost you a fortune one way or another. Last weekend it was football subs, stuff for DD's forthcoming own party (a T-shirt decorating one) and new trainers for DS. This week it was 2 birthday presents plus petrol for the 50 mile round trip and football subs.

DS came home in a strop from the 9-0 defeat, which I of course made worse by unreasonably asking him to have a shower as he was soaked through and muddy as a pig.

Upon collecting DD, I made the snap decision to go to the local garden centre in town since I had time for once, probably the only time before Xmas, to get some new plants for my parents' present from my brother an myself (his dazzling idea) for their conservatory to replace the manky ones which have been there 15 years.

Having picked the ones I wanted and agreeing the price with bruv on the phone, I told kids to stay in the greenhouse with the low trolley/cart by desired plants whilst I went to counter to ask for assistance lifting them out. A very nice lady followed me back to find DD standing in the trolley with her foot stuck out of her new party sandals (my mum ha only bought her on Wednesday) covered in mud, squawking at DS that he'd "told" her to do it. Have you ever had to as calm as you like whilst wishing secretly in your head that you could kill someone? Or in my case, 2 people.

I paid. The lady and another boy help us out to the car. I suddenly think - oooh big plants, smallish car. I discovered the back seats of my car split to fold down, which my mother told me they didn't do. Bonus. Flaw - I had to rapidly remove parcel shelf; discover the scooter I have bought for DD's birthday is still in the boot cos I forgot to take it out and hide it, and that we can't get the plants in the car. Shit. 

So I had to take kids back into town to great-grandparents (in-law) and when I get there, DS is being a pain, I'm embarrassed and trying to hurry to get back to shop and I jarred my wrist on the gate which unbeknownst to me was locked.

I race back to the garden centre, finally get the plants in my car, but with my seat as far forward as it will go so I have to drive with my knees round my ears, and make a joke of my new years resolution to be think before we buy. They probably thought I was a right twat.

I got home all the while aware that I've somehow got to get these over in secret to Wisbech and it'll have to be when the kids aren't with me. So not hidden on Christmas Eve as planned then. As I'm thinking I'll take them to my grandparents the week before the big X before picking kids up from mums when she has them whilst I'm working, and tell my brother I've done my bit, and when he comes home for Christmas, as it was his idea, he can go and get them from grandparents and hide them in the shed until Christmas......... I was so busy grumbling to myself that I got quite a shock when I turned around and saw this big white shaved dog (I don't know the breed but it looked scary) staring at my bottom. I jumped and made a squeak tried to walk/run back to the house until it went away, it started following me and barking. Aaarrggghhh. I didn't know where it came from, so I stood and watched from my kitchen window as it sniffed my front grass and piddled up my car wheel. I'm OK with dogs, but only if I know they're friendly and this one was loose, big and had already barked at me, so I wasn't going anywhere until I was sure it was gone. This was a good half an hour.

After making sure the coast was clear, I hefted them into my conservatory, although I'll have to move them next week to hide them a) form Mum when she brings b) her dog round to stay (I like her dog). I had a super struggle trying to get the parcel shelf back into the car, before arriving to get the kids and find DD had been holed up in the loo, constipated as you like. Deep joy.

Once home, I had a 90 minute ironing spectacle. I had bought myself a new iron this week, but I still wasn't impressed.

Thus ends my tale of woe. Tum te tum.

Skippy xx

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 DS's first football match today. They only lost 0-12. I say only cos last match it was 13-0 apparently. Oh well things can only improve eh?!
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 It's raining buckets and I'm stuck indoors, home from work for 2 days now because the kids are poorly :o( Still, I don't really get on the old pc much anymore as my life is filled with work, being a child taxi and housework - yes it really has come to this.

So what can I tell you?

Had a nice day at Anglesey Abbey on Saturday. It was my Mum's birthday. Mum & I got in free because she is a National Trust volunteer and she has a membership card. DD is 5 so we only had to pay for DS. I bought her lunch and got a 10% discount with her volunteers card - bargin! (not that I'm cheap or owt). My grandparents also turned up so we spent time with them walking round the gardens. I love the colours this time of year.

Skippy xx
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I'm a little excited. I just booked a holiday. To Disneyland Paris. Where we're going is not of excitement to me (well maybe a little bit ;oD). What's really exciting is that it will be a surprise for Christmas for DD and DS, both of whom are desperate to go on an aeroplane, and DD to see the princesses. My dad gave me a bit of money out of a distant great aunt's will and I thought sod it, why not? So we're going next February - with Maz and Eleanor!!

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For a couple of weeks now, things in the freezer have become a little less frozen on more than one occasion due to little people getting lollies out and not closing the door properly.
So last week, when I went out take bread out of the freezer for sandwiches, and found it chilly rather than frozen, I assumed it had happened again. But it happened every morning and I began to suspect it was actually the freezer that had broken. Boo. When I think of it though, it was in the first house we moved into 9 years ago as the man who sold it to us was oversees and had rented it out previously. So we inherited a fridge/freezer so it's not bad for 9+ years, I reasoned.
Asked Mum what she did with her old one when she got rid of it earlier this year. She said the council will take it away (for a fee natch) but you have to have it on the boundary of your property by 7am. Eeeek that's a fair way for me on my own to drag it and you'd have to have it out the night before in reality which I wouldn't be keen on.
Anyhew, Tuesday, I get the milk out of the fridge for first day back at school brekkie and it looks odd. I sniff it, it smells ewwwwww. I pour it down the plug hole, it's solid. 
Cue mass panic call to Tescos Direct to order new fridge/freezer I'd earmarked. 
"Do you deliver on Saturdays?" I pleaded hopefully as I have little leave left at work and don't want to waste it on waiting in for a delivery. 
"Yes, we can do it this Saturday. Would you like the installation and scrap removal service?" asks the nice man on the other end.
"Oooh yes please". I am VERY happy and contentedly buy a mini fridge to keep the milk in until then and make do with everything else being slightly chilled for the rest of the week.
Yesterday (the chosen Saturday), the men call an hour before as agreed so I can get all my stuff into cool bags. I am slightly puzzled when they immediately bring the new fridge in before removing the old one. They put the new arrival down, say, "don't plug it in for 4 hours then make ottleave.
"Errr aren't you going to unpack it and take the old one away?" I ask nervously.
"Not on our paperwork, love."
"But I ordered it!!!!!!!"
"Sorry, we can't do anything that's not on our paperwork, it's against the law."
I persuaded them to at least move the old one out of it's space so I can put new one. They put it outside my front door for me (how attractive).
Once they were gone, I was straight on the phone.
"You're right Mrs Staveley-Smith, you have paid for that package, I've checked with the delivery company and they confirmed it, they will try and get hold of the drivers and get them to come back to you. They'll phone to let you know when they get hold of them."
After the 4 hours of letting it stand, I thought, this is ridiculous, I need my fridge, my food is getting warm, I can't wait until potentially 7pm for these idiots to turn up. So, with the help of DD, I got all the packaging off, even underneath which took an age of me lifting and her edging under to get the polystyrene out. Within 2 hours it was cold and the food was in. Packaging everywhere.
It was just as well we did, because there was nothing heard from the delivery company.
So this morning I rang up and got the "extra" service refunded.
I may as well get the thing taken away myself. 

DS has changed the pointer on the pc screen to a cross face. It is driving me nuts but pin points how I am feeling.

Skippy xx
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So the V festival in Chelmsford. Weather forecast in the week leading up to it hadn't looked too bad considering the summer we'd had. Oh what a gullible soul.
I went with my two superstar friends Maz & Kath, Maz no longer being the festival virgin she was last year and Kath a veteran of Glastonbury. We set off early to get there at 12 noon when the camp site opened to nab a good spot. Or at least that was the plan. We queued in the car for an hour and a half and by the time we got in, it was already packed. We headed off the beaten track and ended up with a pretty good spot, up against a fence (leaving the obligatory 3 meters for fire safety as measured with an official man whose stick was really getting him above himself). Perfect, away from the path and everyone walking past we thought. What we hadn't banked on was the steady stream of men (excuse the pun) shamelessly peeing up against said barrier blatantly a few feet from us sat outside our tents because they couldn't be arsed to queue for the loos.
Talking of queues I have never spent so much time standing in line [with Maz, whose new hobby is complaining about queuing] in my life. 2 hours to get a wrist band so we could get back to the car to get the rest of out stuff once our tents were pitched. - that's a new one. This was valuable time of my life which I could've spent drinking wine. 
I also managed to get a little artyness done, just background watercolours, but I was very happy with them.
We had a little luck upon entering the arena on Saturday. We were camped near the [Channel] 4music stage which is the 2nd stage. So the first thing we do after using the loos, as they haven't been used as much inside the gates, is have a browse round the stalls then get something to eat. The first people on stage are the winners of a new band competition. Kath asked me who was on after them and I saw it was someone I'd never heard of and wondered why so many people were cheering them coming on. Then I think, why are they playing Foo Fighters songs, can they not do their own material? Then I look at the big screens and think, their drummer even looks like the Foo Fighters drummer. THEN it dawns on me that it IS the Foo Fighters. They were playing a short set as Amy Winehouse had pulled out, and everyone else was bumped up the bill. So we sat and ate our lunch and listened to them, sitting really close. Amazing!!!!!!
So, here is a list of bands I saw:-
Foo Fighters * Editors * Paolo Nutini * Kanye West * Pink * Snow Patrol * Foo Fighters * Goo Goo Dolls * James Morrison * Cherry Ghost * KT Tunstall * The Fratellis* Mika * Lily Allen * Manic Street Preachers * The Killers * Basement Jaxx*
Now, I don't think that's bad for £120 considering it costs £25 to go and see a band these days.
And yes, it did rain. Overnight we had quite a bit of rain. It hammered it down on both mornings before we went out into the arena. Watching the Foo Fighters, you could see the mist of drizzle in the light show, but it was really rather pretty. Then the worst bit we got caught in was for the Killers. I had by hood pulled tight round my face and I had water dripping off my nose very attractively, but I just took the mindset that it was only water and I was gonna bloody enjoy myself as when was I likely to see the Killers live again?! It was particularly muddy on Sunday, but I had my superbly sexy waterproof trousers to protect me, so I was well away ;o)

Oh dear, now I am in my time honoured post festival slump! but good news - today I managed to buy tickets for next year. Only 360 days to go then...
Skippy xx
* * *
I thought I'd do a bit of catching up and am going to start with my week off work. Had a really super time. I got so much done and going back to the office today has really made me appreciate how nice and relaxing it was to have a break.

Starting off all that way back in time with Saturday, we had a day at the sea side :o) I'm not a big one for the beach - sand just generally pisses me off, but we managed to have a great time, in that I laid on a blanket and slept for 2 hours whilst the kids went in the sea. We had chips for tea, followed by £1 each in the arcades ( I really must watch my generosity ;oP), a yummy ice cream - sugar cones rule supreme - finishing with another £1 in the arcades. I know, mad aren't I?! Can you believe DS & DD actually won more statistically with £2 than they did on £10 at Easter on holiday.

 Sunday - we went to the University Botanical Gardens in Cambridge, cos it was cheap. We had a picnic and then once again, I slept on a blanket and DD & DS ran about and generally terrorised everyone. At one point, they were across a lawn by a fountain and I could see them balancing on the ledge round a fountain. Next thing I know I think I can see them in the fountain, and I can see several people sitting on benches round the fountain and can just imagine them thinking what little yobs, I wonder who's irresponsibly in charge of them? but as I have all the bags and shoes, I cannot run across and yell so I make motions not dissimilar to Ricky Gervais' infamous dance, signalling them to get out and come here. When they finally do, I tell them off, but as I'm doing so I see they have money in their hands. Where did you get that from? I ask. Of course the little tinkers have picked it out of the fountain!! Cue me dying a thousand deaths of embarrassment.

The rest of the week, we spent: going to the dentists (where I wimped out of having a scale and polish - honestly!), went to see the Simpsons Movie, went swimming, had a major (just call me Vicky B) clean of the house, and went to buy the school uniform - just a quick £110 then. DS has size 4 shoes - agghh he's only 9!

Thus ends part 1, tune in to see me at V in part 2!

Skippy xx
* * *
I now have a week off work and V is on Friday!
Haven't go much planned but we may have inpromptue days out depending on the weather!

Skippy xx
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Yesterday, I bought a waterproof jacket and trousers and self-inflating mattress in preparation for V. Unfortunately, I can't work out how to de-flate it. Does anyone have any ideas?!

DD and I were poorly today and spent the whole day on the sofa. DD has a headache and temperature and I feel achey and nauseous :o(. I can't remember the last time I ate so little. Hope we are better for tomorrow.

Skippy xx

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The last day of school term. I came home from work to pick the children up, to learn that DD has won a cup for being the best child in her class! The best what I do not know, but only one person from each class won a prize and she got it for hers. I am so proud! She was also given a small cuddly dog, which ironically, she has called Tiddles!

Skippy xx
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